About US

GK Reddy, President & CEO

GK’s passion for serving local communities and the hospitality industry prompted him to start “Reddy Management Group LLC” and “Reddy Hotels”. As a first step towards chasing his passion and dreams, GK built his first property, a Holiday Inn Express in Planview which opened in the fall of 2001. From there onwards, GK never had to look back. He went on and built multiple franchise brand hotels in Plainview, Childress, Wills Point, Chandler, Bonham. One of them includes his own brand of hotel, “Reddy Hotel” in Plainview. In addition to these ventures, GK has also built multi-family.

Over the years following, GK has invested a surplus of time in gaining hospitality experience and has become knowledgeable as a general developer with extensive experience in site development. In this process, GK also made sure his “Serving Local Communities” dreams are fulfilled. As part of his “Giving back to the local communities” passion, he created a “ReddySetRead” organization which has contributed to helping several kid educations. He served as “Board of Director” at multiple organizations (United Way, Lions Club, Texas State Main Street Coordination, YMCA, Chamber of Commerce, Reading is Fundamental, and PISD). Through this, GK has gained a lot of recognition across many local communities and cities. City of Bonham even named a street after him, “GK Reddy Ave”.

GK with his team and family members have committed years towards creating a family-oriented culture within Reddy Management Group. This culture has maintained working environments that draw positive growth within each individual employee and in turn properties prosper. His dedication to honoring those around him with respect and honesty flow from his heart of hospitality. Mr. Reddy believes this is the key to a productive investment.

GK completed his B.B.A. in Finance from Osmania University in India and received his M.B.A in Marketing from Alabama A&M University.

Misty Rowell, Vice President of Operations

Mistry Rowell joined “Reddy Management Group LLC” in 2001 as a part time employee and started her hospitality journey with GK Reddy. Over the years she has gained experience in all areas of the hospitality industry. As new hotels started developing in the pipeline, Mrs. Rowell took on new rolls. Mrs. Rowell has spent her entire professional career in Reddy Management Group LLC and continues to grow in the company and became the “Area Manager of Reddy Management Group LLC” in 2008. She has been an integral part of opening and operating 5 hotels to date with plans of continuing the growth of Reddy Management Group LLC. Today Misty serves as the “Vice President of Operations for Reddy Management Group LLC”. She works hand in hand with both her team and prospective hoteliers to help build and manage their dream.

Mrs. Rowell has dedicated her entire life to serve others. She has a passion for serving & giving back to the local communities. She has shown the perfect example of not only in her working life but also in her life outside of the hotel. She and her husband have opened their home to children in need as a licensed foster family. Mrs Rowell has served on several community committees over the years including Hale County Economic Development Corporation, Hale County Rainbow Room, and the Plainview TX chapter of Lions Club where she served as a President in 2017 and2018. In the year 2019 she has helped to charter the Plainview chapter of the Leos Club and is the current adult adviser.

About Reddy Management Group LLC
Our Core values and Focus for our Customers:
  • Reddy Management Group LLC has a team of employees that work with both owners and prospective owners to manage the construction and operational side of their hotels. Our ultimate goal is to help you be able to offer the best product available to your customers.
  • Construction/Development Support: o During hotel development stages, Reddy Management Group LLC will help th customers in finding a Development and Building teams that would be the right fit for the challenge at hand and negotiate the best prices on the owner’s behalf.
  • Property Operational Support end to end: o Once the property is in operating mode, Reddy Management Group LLC will help the owners/investors in managing entire end to end processes while staying on top of operational standards, maintaining revenue growth, and employee management.
  • Future Customer Growth Support: o With all these dedicated customer-focused services, Reddy Management Group LLC will deliver the excellent type of experience to the owners and investors which can help grow a newly developing business.

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